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the Food and Mood Self-help Report

£9.99 (incl p&p)

A survey of dietary and nutritional self-help strategies used to improve emotional and mental health

by Amanda Geary, Founder of The Food and Mood Project
ISBN 0-9538074-1-X

Read this report and find out:
- what self-help strategies 200 people were using
- whether or not they felt this approach was of any benefit
- what it was like to use this form of self-help

- 44 pages
- 25 easy-to-read charts and tables
- 48 quotations direct from the 200 survey participants
- 10 self-help recommendations arising from the findings

List of contents

Main findings

Recommendations from participants

‘One of the reasons for doing the Food and Mood survey was to give a collective voice to the individuals using dietary and nutritional self-help to improve emotional and mental health – in the hope that other people, as well as health care providers, can benefit from their experiences.’ Amanda Geary

‘It is worth breaking through the ‘comfort zones’ to experience a greater well-being’ Food and mood survey participant

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