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£4.95 (incl p&p)

Do you think that what you eat can affect how you feel? This poster guides your exploration – so you can find out! (For the more experienced, it helps keep you on track!)

An attractive and inspiring colour poster containing suggestions for improving mood through food, with words of encouragement from people who’ve had a go.

- At-a-glance questions to grab your attention

- Practical tips (based on the latest recommendations from nutritional therapists) to guide you

- Useful advice from Food and Mood Project participants

- Beautiful colours and appealing illustrations

- Cleverly designed to fit onto kitchen cupboards or narrow wall spaces (21cmx 59cm)

- Handy wipe clean finish

Enjoy this positive self-help approach to emotional well-being – an ideal gift and the perfect companion to The Food and Mood Handbook by Amanda Geary

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