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The Food and Mood Self-Help Report

List of contents

List of figures and tables
Foreword by Richard Brook, Chief Executive of Mind
Introduction from Amanda Geary, Founder of the Food and Mood Project
- A personal view
About the Food and Mood Project and Mind
Why this survey was needed
The Food and Mood survey
- Designing the research
- Who was contacted
- A short comment about the data analysis
Who took part
Use of dietary and nutritional self-help
Why people wanted to change
Dietary and nutritional self-help strategies
- Specific dietary strategies
- Cutting down on potential food ‘stressors’
- Increasing potential food ‘supporters’
- Changing eating habits
- General strategies
- The use of nutritional supplements
The benefits
- A food-mood link
Other possible influences
Other effects of the changes
The process
- Useful sources of information and support
- Doctors’ attitudes
- Use of Food and Mood Project publications and services
- Easy and difficult changes
- Why a change was easy to make
- Why a change was difficult to make
Survey participants’ recommendations
- Getting motivated
- Practical approaches
- Helpful attitudes
Summary of findings
What this survey shows
Self help recommendations arising from this survey
Final word
Appendix: Research recommendations arising from this survey

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