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Reviews of the Food and Mood Handbook

“a fascinating read .. well designed and very readable”
The Inside Story

“has updated Hippocrates wise words .. supported by solid scientific evidence”
Pendulum (journal of the Manic Depression Fellowship)

“certainly made me think twice about what our choice of food does to the way we feel”
The Vegetarian

“an invaluable guide for all those who wish to explore the relationship between diet, nutrition and emotional and mental health”
ABC magazine

"combines deliciously some hard scientific research about the effects of specific nutrients and eating patterns on mental behaviour with gentle encouragement to experiment with your diet ... the gentleness is particularly attractive ... the book doesn't assume that you will feel much like giving up sociable creature comforts like coffee, or can do anything more culinarily sophisticated than wield a tin-opener ... on the other hand the author is so persuasive ... I defy anyone to get to the end of it and not be tempted to try a new regime ... as well as all the science and sympathy there are recipes: the famous MIND meal is one of a number of menus for people who need a bit of pampering"
The Church Times

"an excellent guide ... gives a good overview of food allergy, candida and gut dysbiosis problems, food cravings and hypoglycaemia ... a well produced book with good clear tables and illustrations and sensible case studies ... some good sounding recipes to improve mood ... discusses the options of cutting down versus eliminating a suspect food, and tends to give a good explanation of the options and then leave the reader to make an informed decision, rather than laying down the law ... treats readers as individuals who know their own bodies best"
British Society for Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine

"a comprehensive yet accessible guide to the relationship between what we eat and how we feel. The emphasis is on self-help, allowing the individual to work out their own dietary problems and solutions ... provides an in-depth look at how and why certain foodstuffs can contribute to adverse feelings such as depression, anxiety, and fatigue. A sound theoretical background is offered, together with tried and tested methods ...the book is informative and encouraging ... a real opportunity for people to make lasting improvements to their emotional well-being simply by changing what they eat.”
Open Mind

The Evening Argus

"this book provides a valuable insight ... Amanda Geary takes the reader on a biochemical journey addressing the fact that the correct balance of nutrients in your daily diet contributes to better emotional and mental health ... an enjoyable and informative read ... a helpful shopping and cooking chapter ... thoroughly recommended"
Optimum Nutrition Journal

“Amanda Geary’s focus on diet as a complementary treatment for emotional and mental problems is surprisingly new ... In a world where changes in diet are so often related to physical appearance, this book gives the very positive message that taking control of what we eat can produce ‘change’ of a far deeper kind."
The Spark

“At long last the connection between food and mood is presented in a practical way by a lead researcher in the field ... packed with insights, facts, recipes (that work) and ideas, The Food and Mood Handbook has to be the ultimate in writing on food and diet. The goal here is not a size 8 dress size, but true wellbeing in body and mind. About time!”
Wave magazine

Reviews of The Food and Mood Project and the Mind Meal devised by Amanda:

"I have always felt that my relationship with food has been one where food had the 'upper hand'. This has shifted and my attitude to food is far more controlled – just as a result of having more knowledge about what suits me."
Project participant

"The Mind Meal is an excellent idea – good, simple food that can help you feel different about life. I have always found that eating regularly enough to keep my sugar levels from dropping and choosing food that isn't enormously processed does seem to keep me on a more even keel."
Nigella Lawson (celebrity cook/author), The Sunday Express


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