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DIY Food and Mood Workshop

The Do-It-Yourself Food and Mood Workshop pack provides step-by-step instruction and advice for individuals or groups wishing to run their own introductory workshop on diet, nutrition and emotional and mental health.

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All that's needed to take part as a workshop leader or participant is a willingness to think about the relationship between what we eat and how we feel.

Specialist nutritional knowledge is not needed as basic information is provided, but some group facilitation skills would be helpful as the workshop includes opportunities for participants to learn from each other and create their own strategies for eating.

The approx 1-2 hour workshop is appropriate for groups of approx 5-20 people, of varying ages and abilities and can be used alongside the bestselling Food and Mood Handbook and poster and 'try this' postcards and posters. It can be run as a 'one-off' session or as the start of an on-going Food and Mood study, or support, group. The pack has been developed from a format successfully tried and tested with groups around the UK.



Guide for Workshop leaders (more)


The Food and Mood Handbook (more)


The Food and Mood poster (more)


The Mind guide to Food and Mood (more)


Try this set of postcards in plastic case/desktop holder (more)


Mind meal postcards (more)


Food and Mood action plan dialler (more)


Food and Mood poem booklet (more)

All supplied in a clear plastic zip-up wallet

Price £55 including UK postage (10% off the cost of items purchased separately). 

The Guide for Workshop Leaders is spiral bound (55 pages) and contains


step-by-step instructions for a non-nutritionist to set up and facilitate a workshop


1 group exercise worksheet


10 topic worksheets (A4 double-sided including sample action plans and extracts from the Food and Mood Handbook)


1 action planning handout


1 feedback sheet for group participants

It can be bought separately for £29.95 (incl UK postage). Price includes permission to photocopy as many copies of the worksheets and handouts as needed.

Why not order more copies of the Mind guide, Try this postcards, Poem booklets and Action Plan Diallers for workshop participants?


Workshop photos
by Helen Stone

“I am working with people recovering from drug addiction. I have included nutrition in the programme we offer and have found using the Food and Mood workshop as part of the nutritional programme has proven very beneficial to my clients.”
Dilruba Kazi, Project Worker, Phoenix House Daycare Service, Birmingham, UK

"I ran the F&M workshop at the Northwest regional meeting in Liverpool on Saturday ... 20 took part in the workshop, and it went down very well. There was a great diversity in people's awareness and experiences and it all came together in a pool of really useful guidance and tips ... the Handbook would be a very useful addition to any group's resource library ... I am planning to hold at least two further regional meetings this autumn and will repeat the workshop there."
Jeremy Bacon, Group Network Co-ordinator,The Manic Depression Fellowship, UK.

"We've used, several times, this well-written and easy-to-follow workshop pack to introduce the idea that food can affect emotional health, and the feedback we've had from staff and service users who've attended is that the session is very inspiring and informative."
Padraig Breatnach, Project Worker, Independent Living Team, Sussex Oakleaf Housing Association, UK.

"Don't faint - I finally got a workshop off the ground last Saturday ... Everyone enjoyed it. I allowed 45 minutes, but it produced so much discussion we could have gone on for another 1/2 an hour, I think ... In fact my biggest problem was moving on to the next topic. People are so interested in the subject and all have a lot to contribute, which is great ... Anyway - hope to do another workshop at a different venue in the New
Liz Flynn, Devon, UK

"It went really well although sometimes it was difficult to find anyone that met the criteria, eg drank 2 litres of water a day, except for me the tutor."
Liz Porter, Education Officer
Cwmbwrla Day Centre, Wales, UK

"The workshop went very well. I would definitely do a 2 hour program instead of a 60 minute one next time."
Michelle Fuhrman, Nutritionist, New York, USA

"It went very well - people like sharing their own experiences and knowledge too so it is important to be able to allow time for this. It is also important to underline that everyone is different and no one food is certain to affect everyone the same way."
Rosie Dalton-Lucas, Mental Health Promotion Specialist, Gateshead PCT, UK

"The clients loved it. They engaged well with a topic that they are not normally interested in. This worked very well, along with extra handouts I had prepared about the importance of good nutrition for those in recovery from a drug problem."
Richard Humphrey, Volunteer project support worker
Turning point - Zephyr, Birmingham, UK

"I delivered a workshop to mental health service users and advocates from using the workshop leaders Handbook, which Clients' Alliance, an idependent service user organisation, kindly funded. They really enjoyed the workshop and some people have made small changes and have benefited from them already... I believe these workshops are of real benefit to people who suffer stress, anxiety, depression, blood pressure, PMS and many more problems."
Martyn Brannan, Barnsley, UK

worckshop book cover

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Do-It-Yourself Food and Mood Workshop Pack:
£55 incl UK postage

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Guide for Workshop Leaders:
£29.95 incl UK postage

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TO VIEW a sample copy of the Guide for Workshop Leaders please contact us. We will send you a pdf file as an email attachment (you will not be able to print from this file). You will need Adobe Reader to open the attachment, available free from here.

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