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DIY Food and Mood display or stall

This page gives you suggestions for putting on a Food and Mood display or stall, including ways to encourage interaction with the public.

If you have held a Food and Mood event and would like to add your ideas to this list then we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us.

A Try this poster or postcard display and Try this quiz.

Display a set of 10 colourful A3 posters or A6 postcards featuring information on dietary self-help for mental and emotional health. Click on each image for a closer look, or see Try this posters and Try this postcards.

water poster

Encourage people to interact with the display using the Try this quiz. Enhance the display with these suggestions.

photo of a food and mood display in exeterBlocks to better eating and Food problems? Some solutions

Draw a brick wall on a large sheet of paper and ask people to add to it their 'blocks to healthier eating'. Each person can write their 'block' onto a sheet from a self-stick note pad (one idea per note) and then stick it onto the wall. Have a similar arrangement for 'tips for better eating' on another sheet of paper. Draw a tree and use green self-stick notes for people to write their tips on, and then stick onto the tree as leaves

Food problems posterBlocks to better eating posterOr you can buy a ready-made set consisting of two A2 posters (brick wall and solutions tree) together with selfstick note pads. Sold unlaminated or laminated for re-use. Click on the images to see more detail.


Buy online with PayPal ('Add to Basket' below) or print out an order form.
All prices include UK postage. If delivery is to outside the UK click here first.

Wall & Tree A2 poster set with self-stick note pads - unlaminated: £9.99
Wall & Tree A2 poster set with self-stick note pads - laminated: £19.99

Good Mood / Bad Mood Food survey

Use two large sheets of paper, draw at the top of one a large ‘smiley’ and on the other a ‘bad mood smiley’. Ask people to list on separate yellow and blue coloured self-stick notes examples of foods that make them feel good and those they associated with feeling bad. They could also add their name to each self-stick note, if they wanted to. The self-stick notes are then stuck to the appropriate sheet, perhaps grouping together those that are similar, rather like a bar chart in a survey.

 Food tasting & voting

Local health food shops and organic food suppliers could be approached to donate fruit and veg, caffeine-free, low sugar, additive-free, wheat or dairy-free foods and drinks to sample. People could record their verdict by placing a traffic-light coloured sticker (red sticker = dislike, orange = undecided, green = like) against each item on a voting chart that lists the food/drink being tested.

Guess the cost of the Mind Meal ingredients

Display a shopping basket containing the ingredients of the Mind Meal and ask people to guess the total cost. Names and contact details together with guesses are listed on a sheet. At the agreed time, the person with the closest guess to the real cost wins. Closest guess to the real cost wins the contents of the basket.

 Good Mood Food Raffle

A good mood food raffle could contain:

 Information/give-away items

If you have funding you could give away the following low-cost items:

 Items for sale

The following items are suitable for a food and mood stall for the general public:

 Not found what you're looking for?

If there are any items you would like to see available to buy for a Food and Mood stall we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us.


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