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Good mood food, step by step

The Food and Mood action plan dialler aims to help you improve or maintain your mental and emotional health by making step-by-step changes to what and how you eat.  

The dialler guides you to:

choose from 30 sample action plans

focus on one self-help area at a time, from 10 possible topics*

change step-by-step: through the think, try, go! process**

mark your progress

compose your own action plans***

A4 colour printed on 300gsm card, supplied in a clear plastic sleeve. Designed in consultation with Food and Mood Project customers.

*For more information on these top ten self-help topics see the ’Try this'‚ postcards and posters.

** Based on the Prochaska and DiClemente Stages of Change Model. For more information see Prochaska, J.O., Norcross, J.C. & DiClemente, C.C.,1994, Changing for Good) or go to:

***The back of the dialer features an explanation of action planning based on the information provided in the NHS Experts Patient Programme and the work of the Patient Education Research Centre, Stanford University, USA.

Making and completing action plans enables you to take control of your health and well-being. Action planning is key to effective self-help.

Why not buy the dialler as part of the Food and Mood self-help pack?

“I think the idea is great and the product well thought out and produced.” Trish Dent, Suffolk,  UK

“I found the dialer easy to read and easy to use and would recommend it to people attending a food and mood workshop.“ Nicola Burns, Wirral, Cheshire, UK

"A valuable little tool. A fun way of explaining groupings and food values. An ideal opportunity to take my support a step further working with mental health problems, depression etc. In the past I have been a consultant for a major slimming group and gadgets work and can be fun.” Sue Burton, Cardiff, Wales, UK

“I like the wording, it's practical and helpful - not undermining at all. Very likely to use it as a teaching aid.” Mandy Spray, The Westminster Society, London, UK

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Food and Mood action plan dialler
£4.45 each incl UK postage

10 copies action plan dialler
£39.50 incl UK postage

50 copies action plan dialler
£172.50 incl UK postage

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Why not buy the dialler as part of the Food and Mood self-help pack?

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